PotPieGirl’s Private Bonus Club

They say, “Do what you love…”

Those are good words to live by, and I’ve tried very hard to live and work by those powerful words the last 9+ years I’ve been working online.

Over the years I’ve tried many, many, MANY things.  I’ve done well doing most all of those things, too… very well, actually….  I feel blessed and humbled beyond words. 

Even after all this time earning my living online, it still shocks me that I taught myself how to work from home on my computer and really, truly make money.  It’s mind-boggling!

For the most part, I’ve truly enjoyed almost everything I’ve tried with internet marketing.  In fact, I have a BLAST learning and testing new things and new ways to do common things.  My favorite things to do are the things that WORK =)

But I’m ready to do what I LOVE – which also happens to be what most PotPieGirl followers LOVE getting FROM me…

Bonus Guides.

I LOVE creating Bonus Guides and Mini “How-To” Guides for everyone!

It’s both challenging and inspiring for me to create these guides… AND it is SO rewarding when people tell me how much my Bonus Guide helped them and got them that one step closer to their online goals.

Every, single day I am learning new tricks and come up with really cool ways to do things.

potpiegirl-cool-ideas-listI have a HUGE list of awesome tips, strategies, techniques, better ways to use common tools, and new ideas to share with others. Things that have really helped me – from best ways to set up certain types of sites, to tips for ranking better in Google, choosing better keywords, to easier ways to do common things so it takes less time or is easier, to original ways to use tools that other marketers talk about (but they never share the REALLY good ways to use the tools).

These things WORK…but they’re stuck in my brain, on my Cool Ideas List…and many Bonus Guides are already created just waiting for a special moment to share them.

Why in the WORLD Would You Listen to ME?

Hopefully, you are here because you already know who I am.

But if you DON’T already know me, you’re probably thinking, “Who the heck is this PotPieGirl chick and what makes her think she knows how to teach me techniques that work?”

So this part is for you – from the PotPieGirl chick  😉

As much as I detest earnings screenshots, I know that when someone wants to teach how to make money online, they need to prove that they actually make money online.

And the only way for me to prove that, is to show it.

Here is a small sample of my recent earnings from various income sources.


As I said, I do pretty well and consider myself extremely blessed that the things I try and test and do online actually DO work to increase my income.

Now that we got THAT nasty money-stuff out of the way, let’s talk more about my Bonus Club.

So How Can I Get These Bonus Tips and Ideas to YOU?

I can’t think of a single product, tool, or training guide I’ve read from others, that I didn’t have a unique perspective and in-depth tips to share in addition to the product.

What’s crazy is that whenever I offer any type of original Bonus Guide with a product purchase, tons of people ask me how to buy JUST my Bonus Guide.

That is one heck of a compliment!


Best part of all, is that I LOVE making Bonus Guides!

So it hit me the other day, Why not simply start a PotPieGirl Bonus Club that sends an all-new PotPieGirl Original Bonus Guide to club members every week?

That would be SO much fun!

Now, these PotPieGirl Bonus Club Weekly Guides are not ONLY about other products – in fact, very few WILL be about another internet marketing product or tool – most of your weekly Bonus Guides will be tips and tricks that I use….and that I want YOU to know how to do as well.

Want a Sample Bonus Club Guide for Free?

Just enter your email below and I’ll send you a FREE PotPieGirl Bonus Club guide right now AND I’ll put you on my PRIORITY waiting list so YOU will be notified FIRST when I open this Private Bonus Club up to new members!

It’s one of my favorite Bonus Guides to date  =)

Why Not Sell PotPieGirl Bonus Guides Individually?

Actually, I do sell them individually for those that ask me over at PotPieGirlProductions.com – but they’re $20 each.

I realize that can get expensive so I wanted to offer an affordable option to you.

But this alternative is only available for a short time.

How To Join PotPieGirl’s Bonus Club

I will be accepting new PPG Bonus Club Members until Tuesday, March 29th at midnight ET (New York time).

As of Wednesday, March 30th, new members will NOT be accepted.


The first Bonus Club Bonus Guide will be emailed to all members on Wednesday, March 30th at noon (again, ET/New York time).

How Much Does It Cost?

I could easily charge $80 a month for 4 Bonus Guides per month since I do sell them individually for $20 a piece.

But – I’m more than happy to deeply discount that rate for those that are more than happy to receive my Bonus Guides every week.

I want to write and share these Bonus Guides – and I want YOU to have them…

The only question is, do YOU want to receive a new Bonus Guide from me every week?

Join PotPieGirl’s Bonus Club and Save 50% on PotPieGirl’s Bonus Guides

That’s like buying two Bonus Guides and getting 2 FREE each month!

That’s a great deal, right?

You’re right, it IS a great deal!

For this special rate, YOU will be a member of the PRIVATE PotPieGirl Bonus Club!

So get in my Bonus Club while it’s open to new members. I’m closing it down soon.


If you didn’t choose to get the Free Sample Bonus Guide above, it will be emailed to you immediately after payment and after you confirm your email to be added to the PotPieGirl Bonus Club weekly mailing list.



  • What kinds of things do you talk about in your Bonus Guides?

I am an affiliate marketer, an email marketer, and a SEO geek.  My Bonus Guides will be focused around the things I do.

For example:  setting up affiliate sites, improving clicks and conversions on affiliate sites, keyword research, cool tools to help find a niche or profitable product, tips for Amazon affiliates, other affiliate programs, site structure, tips to rank better in Google etc etc.

Many of my guides are simply detailed answers and explanations to questions I have been asked.

My best Bonus Guides come from situations when someone asks for help or advice and I spend a good amount of time researching for them (or I already know how to do it) and then I detail it out completely in a Bonus Guide so EVERYONE benefits from that info.

(note:  personal information is NEVER shared in a Bonus Guide.)

I also show examples of my own sites and well-performing web pages and explain how/what I did and how you can do it, too.

I am also the queen of using free tools in very unique ways to get the most out of them to help my business.

I LOVE sharing that stuff!

  • When will I get my first Bonus Club Bonus Guide?

The very first PotPieGirl Bonus Club Bonus Guide will be emailed out to members on Wednesday, March 30th at noon my time (Eastern Time/Atlanta time).

Every Wednesday from then on out, you will get an all-new Bonus Club Bonus Guide.

Every member will be on the same schedule and receiving the same new Bonus Guide at the same time.

  • Can I share my PotPieGirl Bonus Club Bonus Guides with others?

Uhhh, NO.  Why WOULD you do that?  YOU paid for it and it’s for YOUR eyes, and your BENEFIT only  =)


  • Will you be promoting products to the PotPieGirl Bonus Club email list?

The only products I will share with members on the PotPieGirl Bonus Club mailing list are products I have a original Bonus Guide for.

Bonus Club members will get the Bonus Guide for that product for free, but I will share what product the Bonus Guide goes to.

That’s the only promotion that email list will receive – pinky promise.


  • If I have a question and/or idea for a Bonus Guide, will you make a guide about it?

I just might!

As I said earlier, my best ideas for Bonus Guides start with a question asked of me.

If you have an idea, question, or request, just go to AskPotPieGirl.com and send it to me!


  • If I write a Bonus Guide, will PotPieGirl send it out to members for me?

Maybe… but I’ll tell ya, it’s gotta be good  =)

Pitch it to me or send it to me over at AskPotPieGirl.com


  • What if I have questions about PotPieGirl’s Bonus Club or need support?

Very simple, head on over to my support desk at AskPotPieGirl.com and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.


  • What is the refund policy?

Very simple – to get an actual refund, you have 10 days.  That’s plenty enough time to know if you want my Bonus Guides or not.  Plus, it’s not like you can return and UN-know what you’ve learned in a pdf Bonus Guide you already read.

Naturally, you can cancel at anytime you wish via your PayPal account.  Any issues, head on over to AskPotPieGirl.com for help.


  • What if I am Already a member of PotPieGirl’s Constant Profits Club Bonus List?

If you joined the now-closed Constant Profits Club training program through me and are already receiving Bonus Guides from me via email, I wouldn’t join this Bonus Club right now – I’d wait until membership opens again.

While all the PotPieGirl’s Bonus Club bonus guides are NOT all the same, some will be and there is no need to pay to join here at this time.


  • Will PotPieGirl’s Bonus Club be open to new members again in the future??

I plan to open my Bonus Club to new members again in the next few months, BUT it will be more expensive.


  • Are there any upsells or One Time Offers or anything like that if I join?

Nope – none of that.  Just click to sign up, submit your payment, follow the easy steps you will be sent, and you’re in!


So what are you waiting for?

Join the club!  All the cool kids are doing it!