Hot Summer Cool Bonus Guide Bundle Deal from PotPieGirl

For us affiliate marketers, the Christmas Holiday Online Shopping season is already getting started… are YOU ready?

It’s hard to think about Christmas in the middle of summer, but we affiliates HAVE to.

Ahhh…summer – why ya gotta be so stinkin’ hot?!?!

This is how it feels at MY house:


How hot IS it? It’s THAT hot ^ – like we are inches away from the sun lol!

I figured that since it’s so hot outside that I should offer my friends a hot special offer.

Or perhaps I should call it a cool deal? =)

Why not, right?

I know I would rather be INSIDE learning and earning right now rather than OUTSIDE doing anything.

(other than floating in the pool, of course)

my sugar kittyHeck, I had to take one of my cats to the vet the other day and I thought she and I were both going to MELT!

(just a check-up, she’s fine. She is a diabetic so I have to take her in more often, but she’s good!)

That’s my girl in the picture ==>>

Sorry about the glowing eyes – makes her look mean, but she’s really a sweet girl.

So, let’s do something COOL

Cool, as in, a Summer Bonus Guide Cool Bundle Deal!

Sound good? Great!

AWESOME deal from PotPieGirl on FOUR of her all new Bonus Guides - super helpful and lots of tips and "tricks" to help affiliates get ready for the busy online Holiday shopping season.

Here’s what you’re gonna get that no one else CAN get.

(unless they’ve been a PotPieGirl Bonus Club Member – and that’s closed to new members now)

I have FOUR recent (and AWESOME) Bonus Club Bonus Guides for you today.

Here’s what they’re each about:

Bonus Guide #1 – Watch and Profit

watch-and-profit-page-1This Bonus Guide walks you through a very neat (and unique) way I find super profitable and popular products to promote.

I use a free tool online that most marketers don’t know about.

Being that the Holiday Shopping Season is coming fast, this is a trick you’re going to be VERY happy you know how to do.

This simple, fast, and FREE “trick” I use, enables you to see and KNOW what exact products (or types of products) people ARE buying a LOT of online.

I don’t know about YOU, but I’d rather spend my time creating affiliate content that promotes products people DO buy online a LOT.

That’s the whole, “Works smarter, not harder” mentality =)

Bonus Guide #2 – Pyramid Content

pyramid-content-page-1So many people ask me how I can crank out affiliate posts SO quickly…

There’s GOT to be a secret to it, right?


This Pyramid Content Bonus Guide you’ll be getting walks you through how I do it.

This simple technique I use is also exceptional for keeping your readers attention and increasing your link clicks.

Again, here comes the Christmas Shopping season like a speeding bullet – you’re gonna have to be able to crank out product blog posts that actually HELP people – and do it quickly.

Remember, if the content ain’t online – it ain’t gonna make you no money =)

Bonus Guide #3 – PotPieGirl vs Pinterest

potpiegirl-vs-pinterest-page-1I have spent that last few months and countless hundreds of hours breaking and analyzing Pinterest to figure out how to make it work for me.

I’ve learned a lot of things in the process, and this PotPieGirl vs Pinterest Bonus Guide shares a good bit of that info with you.

I hate to sound like a broken record, BUT…

People start shopping online for Christmas/Holiday gifts and products as soon as NOW, with it really picking up in October..and then BAM at the opportunity to make TONS of sales starting in November.

Pinterest is a POWERHOUSE for free traffic – IF you know how to do it properly.

And where do you think people will be LOOKING for Christmas ideas?

Yes sir, yes ma’am – on PINTEREST.

The PotPieGirl vs Pinterest Bonus Guide will give you some good info and tips so YOU can get a piece of that magical free Pinterest traffic, too.

Bonus Guide #4 – What Works Now Halftime Report

what-works-now-halftime-page-1If you’ve read my What Works Now Guide, then you know I test things all year long and the best tips for increasing my sales and conversions are put into a yearly What Works Now Guide.

But, what you DON’T know, is that every year, about the end of June/early July, I dig in to see what IS working for me in the first half of the year – and what is NOT working.

Here comes that word again, BUT – yep, Christmas is coming – as is Halloween (which is a REALLY good money-making holiday for me).

My What Works Now Halftime Report shares what tweaks I’ve found to be working really well in the last 6 months or so that really help my affiliate content get more clicks and sales…

and the Half Time Bonus Guide shares some things that are NOT working that I’m going to stop doing – and exchange for the tweaks that ARE working.

You know what they say…

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

But this little PotPieGirl adds…

“And if it IS broke – FIX IT!”

There’s no point continuing to do things that don’t work for you.

Doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results is the definition of what?

I’ll let a little guy named Albert Einstein answer that…


Yep, let’s not do that =)

Let’s STOP doing what isn’t working, and START learning new things that DO work.

This moment, RIGHT NOW, is the perfect time to get in there, learn it, and DO IT.


Shall I say that word one more time?


that’s why =)

So there you have it…

FOUR all-new and unique Bonus Guides all wrapped up into one Cool Summer Bonus Guide Deal.


If so, click below and get your 4 Bonus Guides right away.

PotPieGirl's Summer Bonus Guide Bundle

Oh, and once you do download your Summer Bonus Guide Bundle, look inside for a note AND a gift from me =)

Yep, there’s a Free Gift AND some surprises waiting for you inside the Summer Bonus Guide Bundle.

I like surprises, don’t you?

And I really like gifts!

Have a great day!


AWESOME deal from PotPieGirl on FOUR of her all new Bonus Guides - super helpful and lots of tips and "tricks" to help affiliates get ready for the busy online Holiday shopping season.

PotPieGirl's Summer Bonus Guide Bundle

AWESOME deal from PotPieGirl on FOUR of her all new Bonus Guides - super helpful and lots of tips and "tricks" to help affiliates get ready for the busy online Holiday shopping season.